The Smarter WooCommerce Shopping Cart

Drive more sales, reduce cart abandonment and improve your store’s shopping experience with the Caddy conversion enhanced WooCommerce cart plugin.

Improve conversions

Improved shopping experience helps to boost conversions.

Reduce abandoned carts

Keep users engaged during the shopping experience.

Increase order size

Targeted product up-sell & cross sell recommendations.

Create a faster, more streamlined shopping experience

  • Blazing fast cart widget that works that works on any page of your site.
  • Visitors can manage every aspect of their shopping cart instantly.
  • Let visitors skip the cart page completely, shortening your sales funnel.

Incentivize visitors to purchase more and shop longer

  • Encourage higher spending by promoting a "Spend $X more to get free shipping" notice.
  • Present targeted up-sells or cross-sells within the cart.
  • Provide exclusive coupon offers to visitors directly in their cart.

Built and supported by WooCommerce growth experts

Caddy is a product of Tribe Interactive, LLC. We’re a WooCommerce expert development and marketing agency that specializes in helping Ecommerce brands build and scale their stores.

We’ve built Caddy to help our clients and are happily now making it available to help your store grow too.

WooCommerce cart enhancements

Faster Shopping Cart

Caddy is built for speed and improved shopping performance.

Free Shipping Meter

Incentivize shoppers with free shipping and let them see their progress to get there.

Save for Later List

Let shoppers save products in the shopping list until ready to buy.


Deliver targeted coupon offers directly within the shopping cart.

Floating cart widget

A floating cart icon gives easy access to the shopping cart everywhere on your site.

Targeted Up-sells & Cross-sells

Present targeted product up-sells depending on which products they add to cart.

Google Analytics Integration

Measure everything directly in your Google Analytics account.

Mobile Optimized

Optimized to work great across all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Persistent Cart

Your cart stays up to do date and available instantly anywhere on your site.

Join our free beta program

Request access to join the Caddy beta program and use our plugin for free before we release the final version to the public.

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