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Klaviyo Add-on

Our Klaviyo integration enhances your cart conversions by allowing you to capture emails directly in the cart and sync those with Klaviyo.

Features include:

  • Automatically generate a coupon code upon user subscription
  • Automatically apply coupons to the cart
  • Automatically add coupons to Klaviyo user profile (so you can send the coupon in Klaviyo flows)
  • Automatically subscribe the user to your list
  • Full coupon setting configuration
  • Customize colors of opt-in form
  • Customize copy of opt-in form


  • New custom metrics tracked in Klaviyo:
    • Promo code applied
    • Upsell clicked
    • Free shipping unlocked
    • Product saved for later
    • Moved from saved to cart

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Add-on Details

Requires: Caddy Premium

Categories: Premium Add-ons
Version: 1.0